Tamil Movie Review

Nibunan Tamil Movie Review


Crime branch DSP Ranjith Kalidas (Arjun) receives a mysterious call that informs about a murder that is going to happen. Even as he starts tracking things with the help of his assistants Joseph (Prasanna) and Vandana (Varalakshmi), a couple of murders happen.

Ranjith vows to solve the case, but finds that he is the next target of the serial killer. In the meantime, he also acquires a disease and his health takes a beating.

Who is behind the murders? What really happened to Ranjith’s health. Is he able to crack the mystery or not? Answers to all these questions are there Nibunan.


Director Arun Vaidyanathan, who made a mark for himself in his debut movie Achamundu Achamundu, has once again come up with a film with style and substance.

Though things proceed slow, which is not welcome for a crime thriller, Nibunan is an interesting flick in most parts. Arjun (this is his 150th film) literally shines in each and every scene, thanks to his looks and costumes.

Unlike his other films, where he has to do a lot of stunts, this one shows him as a brainy cop. The director could have utilised Prasanna better, while Varalakshmi and Sruthi Hariharan (as Arjun’s wife) have performed well.

Music by S Navin and cinematography by Arvind Krishna add pep to the proceedings. Had only the director focussed more on getting screenplay more racy and crispy, Nibunan would have ended up a real expert.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5