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Neruppu Da Tamil Movie Review

Neruppu Da Tamil Movie Review 1

Fire Friends


From childhood, Guru (Vikram Prabhu) aspires to become a fire and rescue services officer, after he sees a team of fire fighters putting out a mishap in his locality.

In his mission to become a firefighter, Guru is joined by four of his friends. This team members ensure that they are present whenever there is a fire in the area.

When everything seems to go smoothly, a day before their exam to join the fire and rescue services department, one of Guru’s friend accidentally kills a guy who turns out to be the friend of a don in the city.

The don Pulianthope Ravi (Madhusudhan Rao) decides to take revenge for his friend’s death and sets out to find the killer. Now all the five friends should save themselves from Ravi.

Also, they should cover up the murder to achieve their dream to join the fire service. Did Guru and his friends escape the don to fulfil their dreams forms the rest of the story.


Vikram Prabhu’s rock solid performance, in association Ashok Kumar’s gripping narration, makes Neruppuda an interesting watch. Nikki appears and disappears at regular intervals, but fills the screen with her beauty.

Madhusudhan Rao’s charcter is all sound and no real fury, but he tries to do justice. The rest of the cast includes Ponvannan, Rajendran, Varun, Nagineedu, Naren, Vincent Asokan and Sangeetha.

Besides Vikram Prabhu, there are two more heroes in the movie. They are cinematographer R D Rajasekar who has come up with stunning visuals and music composer Sean Roldan, whose songs are impressive.

Certain characterisations, like Rajendran’s and Ponvannan’s (who appears as Vikram Prabhu’s dad) are really good and are well-written. And both have done enough justice to their respective roles.

Neruppuda is a good movie despite its highs and lows. Had only the director focussed more on the screenplay, the film would have been a far more better product.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Pro: Diamond Babu