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Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja Movie Review

2.75 out of 5


Siva (Rio Raj) and Vicky (Vigneshkanth) run a YouTube channel. They aspire to become super rich in life, but struggle to achieve their mission.

An elderly businessman (Radha Ravi) comes forward to help them realise their dream. But he expects something in return from them.

The entrepreneur gives them three tasks and want Siva and Vicky to accomplish them. The tasks are difficult and how the happy-go-luck youngsters achieve them form the crux of Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja.


Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja directed by Karthik Venugopalan, executed by popular YouTube channel Blacksheep and produced by Sivakarthikeyan, is like watching college skits and YouTube videos on big screen.

Though Rio Raj and Vigneshkanth perform well, music, cinematography and production values are below average. The script too is not up to the mark, but for some scenes which evoke laughter.

While the female lead character played by Shirin Kanchwala is underwritten, the romantic scenes look forced and ineffective. If you are fine with the idea of watching YouTube satires on silver screen, Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja is for you.

Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja : Run rate

PRO: Suresh Chandra