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Neeya 2 Movie Review


Malar (Raai Laxmi) is a shape-shifting serpent who is a woman by the day and a snake by the night. She was married to Vikram alias Sarva (Jai) in the previous birth.

In the present birth, Sarva is stalked by Divya (Catherine Tresa), who urges him to marry her. She has Naga dosham too. Sarva, who initially keeps ignoring Divya, marries her finally.

This irks Malar, who vows to take revenge on the couple. Does she achieve her mission and is she able to join hands with Sarva in the current birth form the rest of Neeya 2.


Director L Suresh, inspired by 1979 Kamal Haasan-Sripriya starrer Neeya, has attempted its sequel in the form of Neeya 2, which is a neither here nor there kind of movie.

There are three beautiful heroines (!)- Raai Laxmi, Catherine Tresa and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, but the services of only one (Raai Laxmi) have been utilised to a great extent. Jai, in his first attempt in such a theme, tries to give his best.

The film talks much about vidhi (fate), jaadhagam (horoscope) and parihaaram (remedies). But, sadly, none of these gel with the audience well.

At a time when Tamil cinema has shifted its pace and phase, films like Neeya 2 remind one of the bygone era. That is the positive and negative aspects of the movie.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Neeya 2: Not the same

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