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Nedunalvaadai Movie Review


Elango is brought up by his grandfather (Poo Ramu). The young man, who is looked down upon by his maternal uncle (Mime Gopi), has the responsibility to take care of his mother and sister.

Elango falls for a beautiful girl (Anjali Nair) in his village. He loves her loads since her presence makes many things positive in his life.

However, his grandfather is against his affair and warns him of its possible negative impacts. The elderly man wants Elango to turn his focus towards his family and its development.

But Elango, who has the craving for a good life, is equally serious about his love. How successful he is in his decision forms the rest of Nedunalvaadai.


Nedunalvaadai is a refreshing and honest film which is different from the routine stuff. The title, which means ‘Long Pleasant Breeze of Winter’, is inspired by a poem written by Nakkeerar in Sangam literature.

The movie, directed by debutant director Selvakannan and produced by B-Star Productions, is about the pain of separation — of a man and woman, and a grandfather and his grandson.

A crowd funded film, Nedunalvaadai has been jointly bankrolled by 50 of Selvakannan’s collegemates. Set against the backdrop of Tirunelveli, Nedunalvaadai is a film which has got its emotions at the right place.

Performances by Poo Ramu and Mime Gopi stand out, while Anjali Nair is good. Elango tries to get his emotions right. A good amount of detailing has been done in various scenes.

Music by Jose Franklin is one of the biggest highlights of the movie, while cinematography by Vinoth Rathinasamy and editing by Kasi Viswanathan are equally good.

Though the film has certain cliches, Nedunalvaadai by Selvakannan is a genuine movie which would impress the audience, especially those from southern Tamil Nadu, a lot.

Nedunalvaadai – Tirunelveli Treat

PRO: Manavai Bhuvan

Rating: 4 out of 5