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Natpe Thunai Movie Review


Prabhakaran’s (Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi) aim in life is to move to France. Hence, he comes to Karaikal to stay in his uncle’s house for nationality verification. There, he comes across Deepa (Anagha).

Deepa is a local hockey player and Prabhakaran helps her to get a place in the team headed by Shanmugam (Harish Uthaman), a retired military man. In the meantime, he also falls in love with her.

Prabhakaran soon realises that the Sports Minister Harichandran (Karu Palaniappan) is trying to grab away the ground in which the hockey players practice as he wants to give the turf to corporates.

If the team wins in the upcoming match, it will not just qualify to the next level, but the property too will be saved. The real identity of Prabhakaran is revealed and the rest is all about how he achieves the mission.


Natpe Thunai, a cocktail of sports, friendship and politics, seems to be an extension of Meesaya Murukku, the debut heroic venture of music composer Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi.

While scenes move on an average pace till the interval, proceedings gain momentum post intermission and reach a high during the climax, in which the all-important hockey match is played.

Aadhi has improved when compared to Meesaya Murukku, but he still has a long way to go. Anagha is beautiful, while Harish Uthaman adds value to the role with his performance. But the scene stealer is Karu Palaniappan, who has delivered a stunning performance.

Aadhi has given his best to the songs and background score. Cinematography is terrific in the climax scene and equally good is editing. Though the film fails to leave a lasting impression and offers nothing new, it is good in parts. Director Parthiban Desingu has presented a decent work.

Natpe Thunai – Friend in need

Rating: 3 out of 5