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Natpadhigaram 79 Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Natpadhigaram 79 Tamil Movie Review

Friends, Fiends

Natpadhigaram 79 Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision


Jeeva (Raj Bharath), marine engineering graduate, waits for a Navy job. He is in love with Pooja (Tejaswi), who runs an event management company along with her friends.

Aravind (Amjath Khan) is a MBA final year student and his lover Maha (Reshmi Menon) is a classical dancer. The two couples meet each other and become friends.

Soon, they start roaming around as a bunch. When life is going good, misunderstandings start creeping in. Jeeva and Maha get engaged to each other even without their knowledge.

What happens then? What happened to their friendship? Did they continue as friends or parted ways as enemies? Natpathigaram tells you the answers.


Director Ravichandran of Kannethiray Thondrinaal and Majnu fame is back after a big gap. But he has got things right in catching the pulse of today’s youngsters right.

He has come up with a simple tale and things move in a straight forward manner. You can find not even one twist or turn. This is both the plus and minus of the movie.

Also, the film is on predictable lines. But still, Natpathigaram 79 may keep you engaged in most parts, and that’s the power of friendship and love.

Lead actors have performed well, while Deepak Nilambur has come out with a couple of good songs. R B Gurudev’s cinematography are eye-catching. Editing could have been better.

On the whole, Natpathigaram is a good knot. But the idea could have been executed well.

Rating: Average

Director: Ravichandran
Music: Deepak Nilambur
Cast: Raj Bharath, Amzath Khan, Reshmi Menon, Tejaswi Madivada, Subbu Panchu, M. S. Bhaskar, Vignesh Karthik, Raju Sundaram
Pro: Ravi Chandran