Tamil Movie Review

Naduvan movie review

Karthik lives a happy life with his wife Madhu and daughter Kavi. Karthik runs a tea factory in Kodaikanal and does not spend much time with his family.

Karthik’s friend Shiva is a investor in tea factory and is also very close to the family. Meanwhile, Karthik gives his distant relative Guru a job in his factory. Guru befriends three others from the factory.

One day Guru is asked to bring a file from Karthik’s house where he witnesses something. What did he see and what happens next forms the crux of the story.

Director Sharran Kumar sets the right mood for the movie from the word go. Bharath is intense in the character. His character goes through various emotions and he has delivered it all well. Aparna Vinodh is adequate in her character.

Gokul Anand becomes instantly dislikeable from the very first scene. Aruvi Bala does a neat job as guru. Yog Jaypee who comes as the inspector is a template role.

Yuvraj has captured the beauty of Kodaikanal in every frame in the first half and adds intensity in the visuals in the second. Music by Dharan Kumar is good.

Rating: 3.5/5