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Naanum Single Thaan Movie Review


Dinesh is a 90s kid who is scared to talk to girls. He runs a tattoo shop and his horoscope says that he should get married before 30.

His friends Kadhir, Aadithiya, Selva start searching a suitable bride for him. Meanwhile, Dinesh saves Deepthi from an accident and falls in love with her.

Deepthi is someone who does not believe in love. Though Dinesh passes all the tests conducted by Deepthi’s friends, she flies to London.

However, Dinesh follows her to London and expresses his love again. But Deepthi takes a drastic step to reject Dinesh’s love. What is it? Did Dinesh succeed in his love forms the rest of the story.

Dinesh suits the role well, he has shown subtle variations in his acting and has improved a lot. He fits the role aptly.
Deepthi does not look like a newcomer and nails her character. The rest of the cast has helped in taking the movie forward.

Director A Gopi has taken up a interesting plot and has made the movie keeping the young audience in mind. Music by Hithesh Manjunath is above average.

The London portions look colourful through Anandraj’s lens. Anthony’s editing is crisp, however the second half feels a bit lengthy.

Naanum Single Thaan :Ready to mingle

Rating: 3.5 out of 5