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Naachiyaar Tamil Movie Review

Naachiyaar Tamil Movie Review


Kaathu (G V Prakash Kumar), a teenage fruit seller, comes across Arasi (Ivana), who is a domestic help. Both develop a liking for each other.

In the meantime, Arasi becomes pregnant and she is nabbed by a tough assistant commissioner of police Naachiyar (Jyothika). While another police team led by Feroz (Rockline Venkatesh) arrest Kaathu.

Kaathu is charged with raping a minor girl. What are the real motives of Naachiyar and Feroz? Why were Kaathu and Arasi arrested? What happens in their lives after that? Answers to all these questions, you can find, in Bala’s Naachiyar.


There are two refreshing aspects in the movie and allow us to tell them to you in the beginning itself: 1) The film, unlike other flicks of Bala, ends on a positive note. 2) It runs for just 100 minutes.

After portraying the painstaking lives of people in rural and semi-urban areas in his flims, Bala has now thrown light on people from lower economic background living in urban clusters.

Jyothika has delivered a super hero type of role with aplomb and it is a welcome relief for her fans. G V Prakash attracts us well in the first half, while Ivana is a welcome addition to the list of talented actresses in Kollywood.

The script is so strong and it has been aptly supported by a power-packed performance by the members of the cast. Theni Eshwar’s angles are another big highlight of the movie.

And yes, we must tell about the music of Ilayaraja. The maestro proves here once again why he is an ‘Isai Gnani’. His background score adds life to the scenes conceived by Bala and captured by Eshwar.

On the flipside, there are some unanswered questions in the movie. Also, there is violence in the climax. But there is no denial that Naachiyar is a welcome relief from the earlier flicks of Bala and it deserves a watch.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Pro: Nikhil Murugan