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Munna movie review


Munna is the son of a man who seeks alms after beating himself with whip. However, Munna wants to earn by doing some work. So he joins under a man who does the work of cleaning people’s ears. Munna dreams of becoming a rich person. He buys a lottery and wins two crore. Soon he buys a house and car with the money and starts leading a luxurious life. But he starts to feel lonely and wants to get married. So with the help of his friends he gets married to a girl. One day he leaves him and also sells his properties without his knowledge. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

The movie speaks about how things can turn bad without proper guidance even if you are rich. Director Sangai Murugesan has conveyed a decent message through the movie. He has also touched upon how caste system affects the society. As a director Sangai Murugesan does a decent job, however the screenplay looks patchy at times. He could have reduced the running time in the second half. Sangai who is also the hero of the movie has tried to shoulder a heavy role. But it seems to be too much for him as he struggles in the emotional sequences. Niyah Krishna does a delivers what was expected of her. She has understood the character and delivers it with ease.
Camerawork by S Ravi is colourful. Songs and BGM by DA Vasanth is good. The rest of the technical aspects is also okay.

Verdict: 3/5