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Mosadi Movie Review

: 2 out of 5
Mosadi – Con is on


As soon as demonetisation was implemented in the country, a Minister (Vijayan) gives Rs 100 crore to Viju Iyyapasamie in Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations and asks him to convert them as Rs 2000 notes.

He also asks Viju to keep the currency with him for some time. While doing so, the money goes missing. Coming to know about this, the Minister and his brother threaten Viju with dire consequences.

They ask him to return Rs 100 crore in just 30 days. Following this, Viju hatches a plan and decide to earn Rs 100 crore in one month, by indulging in cheating.

Along with his friends, he involves in various illegal acts and cheats people by igniting their greed for money. Even as he is about to reach his target, he gets caught by a team of police. What’s next?


Viju has donned multiple get-ups and has given his best. Pallavi Dora, who appears as the protagonist’s wife, has emoted well. Vijayan and his brother ooze villainism.

R Manikandan’s cinematography and Shahjahan’s music add value to the movie. The first half reminds us of Sathuranga Vettai, while the second half becomes emotional.

To sum up, Mosadi is a roller coaster ride of plus and minus points. There are several preachy dialogues throughout the movie and many scenes appear staged, despite director Jagadeesan conceiving a potent story.