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Metro Tamil Movie Review

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Metro Tamil Movie Review


Journalist Arivu (Shirish), with the help of his friend (Sendrayan),  kidnaps a chain-snatcher and brutally tortures him to find the underworld gang that runs the organised crime in Chennai.

He has a personal reason to do so, as his mother (Thulasi) is killed during one such ‘chain snatching incident’. Hence, he vows to put an end to the atrocities of chain snatching mafia in the city.

As things progress, he gets the brutal shock of his life. That his mother is killed by none other than his young brother Madhi (Sathya), who is one of the key members of the mafia.


Directed by Ananda Krishnan, ‘Metro’ spreads awareness about chain snatching incidents. With thorough research and clear homework, the film highlights the impact and menace of chain snatching in the society.

Shirish excels as a youngster who is on a mission. He doesn’t look like a newcomer. Equally good is Sathya, who delivers a solid perormance. And there is Bobby Simha, who plays the big boss of chain snatching gang.

Metro explores the psyche of modern-day criminals and the rationale behind it. The movie has portrayed chain snatching in great detail and realistically. No wonder the film’s Kannada remake rights were sold even before release. Good show by Ananda Krishnan & team.

Verdict: Good