Tamil Movie Review

Messaya Murukku Tamil Movie Review


Adhi (Adhi) is a happy-go-lucky youngster whose close friend is Jeeva (Vignesh). Both are interested in music and want to make it big in the field.

An embarassing situation in college ignites the spark in them and they work hard to become popular musicians. Adhi is supported by his father (Vivek).

In the meantime, Adhi also has a love episode (in the form of Aathmika). His romance, emotions, ambitions and family sentiments is what Meesaya Murukku all about.


Adhi has joined the list of music composers who have turned actors. And what more? He has also doubled up as director in Meesaya Murukku, produced by his mentor Sundar C.

Adhi’s acting skills are average, but he emerges a decent director. He has packed the film with episodes from his own life and Meesaya Murukku sounds more like a biopic.

Vignesh impresses, while Aathmika looks homely and beautiful. Vivek as modern and supportive dad delivers a strong performance.

The film is a mix of so many youthful elements which are targeted at college youth. Adhi scores big on this front. Also, his songs are foot-tapping.

On the whole, though the film may not impress audience from all sections, it will sure strike a chord with the youth.

Rating: 3 out of 5