Tamil Movie Review

Merlin Tamil Movie Review


Vishnupriyan is an aspiring filmmaker, while Jeeva wants to become an actor. They, along with their friend Murugadas, stay together in a rented place.

Once, Vishnu gets an opportunity to narrate story to ‘Attakathi’ Dinesh. The actor, who gets impressed with this, asks Vishnu to develop it into a full-fledged script.

As Vishnu gets busy with his work, he is disturbed by his friends. Hence, in a bid to move them away from the place, he cooks up a story that the house where they are staying is haunted.

But Vishnu’s story becomes real and he starts witnessing paranormal activities. What’s really happening, what happens to these youngsters and whether Vishnu and Jeeva are able to achieve their goals form the rest of Merlin.


Directed by V Keera, Merlin is yet another eerie comedies we have been watching on the screen for the past some years. But the director has presented it with a twist.

Vishnupriya has tried to give his best, while Jeeva and Murugadoss tickle our funny bone at regular intervals. Ashwini Chandrasekar, despite appearing in less number of scenes, impresses us.

The star cast includes Dinesh (guest role), Thangar Bachan, Kalanjiam, Devaraj, Athavan, Vinoth and Aditya. All have delivered adequate performance.

While songs by Ganesh Raghavendra are average, background score gels well with the theme. Muthukumaran’s cinematography is another plus point.

While some scenes are good, certain sequences are confusing. But overall, Merlin is a movie that sticks to the theme without deviating much.

Scary Story

Rating: 3 out of 5

Pro: Kumaresan