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Mehandi Circus Movie Review


The period is early 1990s. Jeeva (Madhampatti Rangaraj) runs an audio cassette shop called Raja Geetham in a village near Kodaikanal.

The shop is thronged by youngsters who want to convey their love through the immortal songs of Ilayaraja. Jeeva helps them with all interest.

One day, love bug bites him as well when he comes across Mehandi (Shweta Tripathi), who is a member of a circus group that comes to the village.

But, Jeeva’s father Raajangam (Marimuthu) is opposed to his affair. Even Mehandi’s father is against the love between his daughter and Jeeva.

With the help of local priest Amaladoss (Vela Ramamoorthy) and close friend (RJ Vigneshkanth), Jeeva and Mehandi elope from the place. But they get caught by Raajangam and his men. Are the lovers able to unite or not?


Mehandi Circus, directed by Saravana Rajendran, is scripted by Raju Murugan and Saravana Rajendran. A tribute to the maestro and his music, the film will make you laugh and cry. But, at the end, you will walk away from the theatre with a smile.

Madhampatti Rangaraj has performed well, though he needs improvement. Shweta Tripathi has done a very good job, while Vela Ramamoorthy has done a positive role.

Vigneshkanth has added value with his performance and his one-liners are funny. Marimuthu and others are apt picks for their respective role.

Major highlights of the movie are music by Sean Roldan (which reminds us of Ilayaraja) and exquisite visuals by Selvakumar. Not to forget about the writing by Raju Murugan and Saravana Rajendran.

With all these strengths, Saravana Rajendran has made a feel-good movie. Though it appears archaic at places, Mehandi Circus is a treat for Ilayaraja fans.

Rating : 3 out of 5

Mehandi Circus : Love Aerobics

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