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Mayuran Movie Review

Rating: 2 out of 5

Mayuran: Life & Love


Segu (Anjan Dev) gets orphaned at a very young age and is brought up by his uncle. He is a do-gooder and is admired by all his friends.

He joins a college in Chidambaram, where he comes across Viji (Amudhavanan) and Balaji Radhakrishnan (Muthukumaran) and they become friends.

Segu falls in love with Swetha (Asmitha). Though she initially turns down his proposal, she later accepts it. Their marriage too is fixed by elders in their families.

Things go well until Muthukumaran goes missing one night from the hostel. Segu goes in search of him and finds some shocking truths, which involves a drug cartel led by a powerful man (Vela Ramamurthy).

He also finds out that Muthukumaran was brutally murdered and seeks to take revenge. Whether he is able to succeed or not in the mission is what Mayuran about.


Nandan Subbarayan, a former associate of director Bala, has helmed Mayuran, in which he tries to convey that life in a college hostel is not always about having fun with friends.

Anjan Dev, who plays the lead, has delivered decent performance. Asmitha, a student of National School of Drama, has proved what she is capable of. Though there are several artistes, Vela Ramamurthy steals the show.

The film is set in the backdrop of Chidambaram, and beautiful locations in places including Karaikal and Pondicherry have been captured well. The movie has music by Jubeen and Gerard which is adequate.

Mayuran has shortcomings like a script which often appears like outdated and a few stretched scenes, but the director deserves credit for making it a decent entertainer.