Tamil Movie Review

Mathil movie review


Lakshmikanthan (KS Ravikumar) is from a middle class family. It takes him 40 years of salaried existence to buy a piece of land and build a house of his own. This dream of owning a house stems from a traumatic event in his childhood. A political party takes over one of the walls of Lakshmikanthan’s house for their political graffiti. How Lakshmikanthan fights back forms the rest of the story.

Director Mithran Jawahar has explored a completely different genre from his previous flicks. The movie also leaves a message to the viewers which is effective only in parts. However, Mithran could have develeoped the rest of the supporting character which would have created more impact.
K S Ravikumar has a solid role to play and does a good job. Mime gopi pulls of the role of a villain effortlessly. The face-off between both their characters are interesting. Camerawork by G Balamurugan is natural and L V Muthukumarasamy’s music creates the much needed impact for the movie.

Raing: 3.2/5