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Master Movie Review

An alcoholic professor (JD) has to go to a juvenile observation home to teach its inmates good values and transform them.

What he discovers there and how he solves the problem forms the rest of the plot as the cool and cunning Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi) is there to disrupt JD’s plans.


Director Lokesh Kanagaraj not only impresses us with the making, but he serves a lot of unique ‘Thalapathy’ moments on a large platter.

The writing is pretty neat, with special mention to the way the characters are sketched. Though the premise is not new, Lokesh has managed to present the movie in a different way.

Seeing Vijay on big screen after more than a year is more than enough for his fans. The actor has made the character his own and has delivered a good performance.

He excels in the stunt scenes as well. The much hyped combo of Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi has lived up to the expectation. Vijay Sethupathi is menacing as the cold blooded killer.

The cat and mouse game between the two actors are top notch. The drawback is the slightly long second half, where the engagement takes a hit.

The fights are rooted to reality, at the same time, brimming with innovation, with the pre-climax fight in particular, conceived and executed brilliantly.

Anirudh Ravichander’s songs are a huge hit already and the BGM elevates the mood of the movie. The lighting during a lot of portions remind us of Lokesh’s previous film Kaithi and it captures Vijay’s charm beautifully.

Overall, the movie lives up to the expectation and is a commercial-entertainer that will quench the cinema thirst of fans after the lockdown.

Master: Professor Pongal

Rating: 3 out of 5