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Market Raja MBBS Movie Review {Rating: 3/5}

Rating: 3 out of 5

Market Raja MBBS: Chills and spills


Market Raja (Arav) is a don who is ready to do anything for power and money. He is protected by Minister Radha (Sayaji Shinde) and rules some portions of the city.

While Market Raja and Radha hatch a plan and bump off the latter’s rival Ramadas (Hareesh Peradi), the police rope in an encounter specialist (Pradeep Rawat) to put an end to Raja’s atrocities.

The operation against Raja goes awry and an innocent medical student Chandrababu (Vihaan) gets killed. Interestingly, Chandrababu was in love with Vanisri (Kavya Thappar), a fellow medico.

But she falls for Raja. However, Raja turns her down saying a gangster can’t be in a relationship. Now, Chandrababu’s spirit enters into the body of Raja.

As a rsult, Raja becomes innocent, meek and even goes to medical college. Now, Raja’s Man Friday Das (Adithya), lawyer Varadha (Chaams) and others have to ensure that no one knows about the change in Raja.


After a string of flops, director Saran, a hit machine of the 1990s, bounces back to an extent in Market Raja MBBS. But we can’t avoid the feel of watching Kanchana and the director’s own Vasool Raja MBBS, while watching Market Raja MBBS.

Arav is good in serious scenes, but he has to improve himself in comedy. Kavya Thappar is regular heroine, while Radhika Sarathkumar (as Raja’s mother) and Rohini (as Chandrababu’s mother) deliver solid performance.

The likes of Chaams, Adithya, Vihaan, Hareesh Peradi and Pradeep Rawat have come up with decent performance. Nikesha Patel’s characterisation and double meaning dialogues could have been avoided.

The first half is good and dishes out funny moments. But the second half needs trimming. Saran is a filmmaker with substance and we expect even more better movies from him.