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Mannar Vagaiyara Tamil Movie Review


Madhiyazhagan (Vemal) is the son of a respectable man (Prabhu) in the society. The youngster has completed his final exam in law course and is waiting for results.

He and his brother (Karthik Kumar) fall in love with Ilayarni (Anandhi) and Kalairani (Chandini), respectively, who belong to another influential family, but from a different caste.

As elders in Kalairani’s family find her a groom from their own community, Madhiyazhagan’s brother commits suicide. This make Madhi to stop the marriage of Kalairani.

The rest is all about how Madhiyazhagan puts an end to all the problems that happen between the two families.


Mannar Vagaiyara marks the comeback of two- Vemal and director Boopathy Pandian. Though it is a regular masala movie, it has been loaded with many entertaining elements.

Vemal is back in his favourite territory and he has performed well (he is also the producer of this flick). Anandhi is good as a rural girl and Chandini is okay.

The film boasts of a big star cast and the list includes Prabhu, Robo Shankar (his comedy has worked well), Jayaprakash, Singam Puli, Karthik Kumar, Vamsi, Sangili Murugan, Saranya Ponvannan, Meera Krishna and Neelima etc.

Jakes Bejoy’s music fits to the mood of the movie, while P G Muthiah’s cinematography has captured well the rural locales. But the editing department could have stayed more alert in chopping some scenes.

On the whole, Mannar Vagayara is a film which would be enjoyable for those who love mass rural entertainers loaded with castestic references and masala elements.

Rating: 3 out of 5