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Maniyar Kudambam Tamil Movie Review

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Nadhagarsamy (Thambi Ramaiah), who hails from a reputed family in a village, is a lethargic person by nature. His ray of hope is his son Kuttimani (Umapathy).

Kuttimani falls in love with Magizham Poo (Mrudula). Coming to know about this, Nadhagarsamy goes to Magizham’s father to fix his son’s marriage with Magizham.

However, the girl’s father (Jayaprkash) insults Nadhagarsamy and Kuttimani, since they are jobless despite being hailing from a respected family.

Following this, the father and the son duo convince villagers about starting a wind mill project, and collect money from them. As fate would have it, the money gets stolen and they now earn the wrath of the village.

The rest is all about whether Kuttimani and his dad are able to retrieve money and restore the lost pride or not.


After a gap, actor-filmmaker Thambi Ramaiah is back as director, in a bid to help the career of his son Umapathy. He succeeds to an extent in his attempt.

The movie has an engaging story and there are enough moments to keep the audience glued to their seats. Umapathi has given his best and his chemistry with his romantic interst is good.

Vivek, Pawan and Thambi Ramaiah score in their respective roles, and there is an interesting and impressive cameo by Samuthirakani.

If you are ready to tolerate some cliched scenes, Maniyar Kudumbam is a film which can be watched with the whole family.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Maniyar Kudambam: Family feast

Director: Thambi Ramaiah

Music director: Thambi Ramaiah