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Maayanadhi Movie Review

Critic’s Rating:  2.5 out of 5
Maayanadhi: Daughter, Doctor


Anbarasan (Aadukalam Naren) is a widower and his life revolves around his daughter Kausalya (Venba). She is a brilliant student and she aspires to become a doctor after completing schooling.

Kausalya develops a relationship with an autodriver Senthil (Abi Saravanan), who takes her to the school daily. Though Anbarasan’s brother informs him about Kausalya’s affair, Anbarasan doesn’t believe it and blindly trusts his daughter.

However, when Kausalya and Senthil decide to take their relationship to the next level, Anbarasan comes to know about it and takes a drastic decision.


Directed by Ashok Thiagarajan, Maayanadhi poignantly speaks about the bonding between a doting father and his loving daughter.

But the relationship between Kausalya and Senthil has not been established in a convincing manner. Abi Saravanan is good, while Venba fits to her role well.

As usual, Aadukalam Naren has delivered an excellent performance, while Appukutty, who plays the protagonist’s friend, does justice to his role.

Though the idea is good and the film discusses a serious problem in a sincere manner, the script, if it had been written and narrated in a more interesting manner, would have done a world of good to the movie.