Tamil Movie Review

Maanagaram Tamil Movie Review

Maanagaram Tamil Movie Review

City City Bang Bang


A noble hearted youth (Sri) relocates to Chennai for a software job. A techie (Regina Cassandra) is being pursued by her collegemate (Sundeep Kishan).

There is a taxi driver (Charlie) who is in the city for the medical treatment of his kid. And there is a small bunch of robbers which includes a misfit (Ramadoss).

Above all, we also have a powerful mafia gang leader (Madhusudhanan). How all these characters get linked with each other in the urban juncle is what Maanagaram, a hyperlink story, is all about.


A deftly made film, Maanagaram marks the debut of director Lokesh Kanagaraj whose passion towards cinema is clear. Believe it or not, he has not wasted not even a single minute, or second, for that matter.

The story begins right from the moment the title card starts rolling and curtains come down aptly only during the end credits are displayed. Good writing and nice packaging. Kudos Lokesh.

Sundeep Kishan shines in a rugged role, while Regina Cassandra does a neat job. Others in the cast, including Sri and Ramadoss, are right catch for their respective roles.

Javed Riaz has come out with gripping musical score. Equally good are cinematographer Selvakumar SK and editor Philomin.

Maanagaram has comedy, emotion, thrill, social issues- all blended in a gripping package. And it has memorable acting and good technical values too. Go grab it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj
Music: Javed Riaz
Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Sri, Regina Cassandra, Charle, Ramdoss
Pro: John Johnson