Tamil Movie Review

Lift movie review


Kavin is a sincere IT team lead who works hard for the success of his team.

He is not in good terms with the office HR Amritha Iyer.

One day Kavin stays back late in the office to complete a project. Supernatural events start to take place in the office which scares Kavin.

He soon realises that Amritha is also in the building. Both of them are not able to get out of the office. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Directed by Vineeth Varaprasad the movie is not just a regular horror movie but also talks about the downsides of a corporate environment.

Vineeth keeps the proceedings simple which is easily relatable.

Kavin has come up with a matured and earnest performance. He displays various emotions at ease to keep the audience engaged.

Amritha Iyer does her part well. The movie has very limited cast and each one of them have done complete justice to their characters. Music by Britto Michael is electrifying.

Cinematography by S Yuva is apt for the film.