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Kuttram Kadithal Movie Review

Kuttram Kadithal Movie Review

Righting the wrongs

Kuttram Kadithal Movie Review


Merlin (Radhika Prasiddha) is a teacher and she marries her soulmate Manikandan (Sai Rajkumar) against the wish of her mother, who is an ardent Christian. And they are about to start a ‘happy life’.

Meanwhile in the school, Merlin is substituted in the place of one of her colleagues, who goes on leave. As she beats a naughty student Chezhiyan (Master Ajay), he slips into coma.

Chezhiyan has a single mother (Sathya) who is an auto driver. In the meantime, his uncle Udayan (Pavel Navageethan) is a Communist, who hate the rich to the core. The rest is about how the lives of the above get interwined.


A red carpet welcome to Bramma. The director has painstakingly portrayed a real world in front of our eyes. The efforts he has taken to detail things are amazing and the work he has extracted from the team deserves special mention.

Radhika Prasiddha, Pavel Navageethan and Master Ajay shine bright, while Sai Rajkumar and Sathya are not inferior. Though most of the actors are new, they have performed like veterans.

Shankar Rangarajan’s music, background score especially, aptly sets the mood. Watch out for Mahakavi Bharathiyar Chinnanchiru Kiliye… Cinematography by Manikandan is another poetic beauty.

Kutram Kadithal is certainly not for those who want racy and masala flicks to fill the weekly entertainment slot. This is a different movie that portrays life. It is slow, but it is superb. Watch it, and you will understand why is it celebrated in international film festivals.

Rating: Good

Director: Bramma G
Music: Shankar Rengarajan
Cast: Sai Rajkumar, Master Ajay, Radhika Prasidhha
Pro: Suresh Chandra

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