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Kurukshetram Movie Review

Kurukshetram Review: Fight for right

Rating: 3 out of 5


We all know the story of Kurukshetram, the war of Mahabharatham. But, the film has been narrated from the point of Duriyodhana (Darshan).

The movie deals with the rise and fall of Duriyodhana and how he ends up being manipulated by his uncle Sakuni (Ravi Shankar).

Kurukshetram also showcases Karna’s (Arjun) loyalty and how other key characters, including Draupadhi (Sneha)create an effect on the proceedings.


Kurukshetram is perhaps Kannada cinema’s answer to Baahubali. Coming out of the tag that it could only produce films in limited budget, Sandalwood has proved mega budget movies too is its forte with Kurukshetram.

The Tamil version of Kurukshetram doesn’t sound alien, for it has known faces like Arjun and Sneha in its cast. All the lead actors have performed well.

The scale of the film is pretty good and watching it on 3D enhances the experience. Director Naganna and producer Munirathna have ensured that the film appears grandeur in all aspects.

Jayanan Vincent’s cinematography, V Harikrishna’s music and Joni Harsha’s editing add value. On the flip side, much importance has been given to visual effects, taking narration to a toss.