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Kurangu Bommai Tamil Movie Review

Kurangu Bommai Tamil Movie Review 1

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Sundaram (Bharathi Raja), an elderly innocent man, works for Ekambaram (P L Thenappan), a smuggler and businessman in Thanjavur.

Though his son Kathir (Vidharth), who works in Chennai, hates his father’s work, he loves his dad a lot. And Sundaram is loyal to the core to Ekambaram, for it was the latter who gave him an opportunity to lead a life when everyone else hated him.

One day, Ekambaram gives an idol worth Rs five crore to Sundaram and asks him to deliver it to one Sekar in Chennai. The idol is kept inside a bag which has a monkey doll carved on it.

In Chennai, Ekambaram loses his bag. What decision Ekambaram takes? What has really happened to the bag? Who is the real culprit? And is Kathir able to save his father? Answers for all these questions and more are there in Kurangu Bommai.

tells Ekambaram that Sundaram did not come to his house and sketches a plan to loot the 5cr money.

Meanwhile, in Chennai, Kathir sees an elderly man travels with the monkey bag at a bus stop and a local thief snatch it away from him. Kathir chases the thief and gets the bag but he is unable to see the person who lost it. What Sekar did to Sundaram? Can Kathir save his dad? Watch Kurangu Bommai on the big screen


Directed by Nithilan, a debutant, Kurangu Bommai is sure one of the best movies of the year. Though technical finesse is a question, the movie wins big with its gripping screenplay, solid characters and strong performance.

Bharathiraja, the veteran filmmaker, proves what he can deliver when it comes to acting. He is rock solid in his role. Thenappan, who is known to us as producer, leaves his stamp in a big way in a negative role.

And for Vidharth, it is hat-trick this year after Kuttrame Thandanai and Oru Kidaayin Karunai Manu. Others in the cast too have delivered their best.

While Ajaneesh Loknath’s background score is one of the biggest strengths of Kurangu Bommai, Abhinav Sundar Nayak’s editing deserves a special mention. Cinematography by N S Udhayakumar is another pillar.

Kurangu Bommbai runs for a little more than two hours. But the impact it leaves inside us lasts for long. And that’s the triumph of cinema. Well done Nithilan and team.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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