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Kudimagan Movie Review


Jayakumar lives in a beautiful village where farming is the primary profession of people. His family comprises of wife (played by Jennifer) and son (Akash). Jayakumar is a loving husband and caring father.

When things go well, the area’s Councillor opens up a liquor bar. People stage protest and seek the intervention of village chief Bava Chelladurai.

Though Kiran promises to close down the liquor shop, he continues with the business. Following this, many in the village, including Jayakumar, get addicted to liquor.

As a result, his family faces so many troubles. What happens at the end forms the crux of Kudimagan.


Director Satheeshwaran has taken up a noble mission to spread awareness on the ill-effects of liquor. And he has succeeded in it to a decent extent.

Though the film sounds preachy, it talks in detail about the evil impacts of liquor habit in an emotional way. And the backdrop is apt and beautiful.

Jayakumar fits well to his role but there is more scope to perform. Jennifer emotes in a neat manner, while Akash is good. Bava Chelladurai, Veera Samar and Bawa Lakshmanan are okay.

Prashanth’s background score is average, while Arul Selvan’s cinematography is one of the highlights. Kudimagan is a movie with a message and it has its heart in the right place.

Kudimagan – Liquor & life

Review: 2.5 out of 5