Tamil Movie Review

Koothan Tamil Movie Review

Raana (Rajkumar), a dancer, earns his dailybread by conducting stage shows. He is the son of a junior artiste (Urvasi) who along with her other colleagues lives in a huge set once erected for a film.
The producer of the movie, touched by the plight of junior artistes, allows them to stay there. One day, the producer’s son expresses his intention to sell the property for a huge price, as he is in need of money.
Raana and others request him to give them some time, so that they could arrange the money required by him to retain the property. In the meantime, Raana comes across Srilakshmi (Srijitha Ghosh), whose only aim in life is to defeat Krishna (Nagendra Prasad).
Raana comes to know about an international dance competition which offers huge prize money to winners. He and his troupe members decide to take part in it to earn the money to safeguard the property.
They are joined by Srilakshmi. Interestingly, Krishna’s group also attends the contest. Who emerges winner and whether Raana is able to retain the property or not forms the rest of Koothan.
Director Venky K L has come up with an interesting idea. But he could have infused more impressive elements in the script to make Koothan an immersive watch.
The movie, which has some very good scenes in it, also has scenes that lack depth and fail to strike a chord with the viewer.
Performance wise, Rajkumar is good at dancing, but he should improve his acting skills. It is good to watch Nagendra Prasad on screen after a long gap and the actor does his job well.
Veterans K Bhagyaraj and Urvasi have done their respective portions in a neat manner, while Srijitha Ghosh is a welcome find.
Music by Balaji is average, but the song crooned by T Rajendhar is a highlight. Madasamy’s visuals are cool. On the whole, Koothan is a mixed bag.
Rating: 2 out of 5

Koothan: All the world is a stage

Director: Venky Al

Producer:  Nilgiris Murugan

Music Director:  Blaz_G

Cast: K. Bhagyaraj, Manobala, Urvashi, Ramki, Nagendra Prasad, Srijita Ghosh