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Kodiveeran – Review

For villagers, Kodiveeran (Sasikumar), a do-gooder, is a demigod. And for him, his sister Parvathy (Sanusha) is his everything and he brings her up like a princess.
While Parvathy is married to Subash (Vidharth), a honest state government officer (RDO), Subash’s sister (Mahima) is in love with Kodiveeran.
When things appear to be going smooth, Subash, due to his honest ways, earns the wrath of many and one among them is cracker factory owner Arasangam (Inder Kumar).
He, along with his henchman brother-in-law Villangam (Pasupathy), a corrupt police officer (Boxer Dheena) and a local rowdy (Stalin), hatches plans against Subash. Interestingly, Villangam too is like Kodiveeran when it comes to loving his sister (Poorna).
With baddies forging a deadly partnership against Subash, it is up to Kodiveeran to ensure peace in the life of his sister.
Director Muthiah’s strength is village stories and the Komban maker impresses us in the first fifteen minutes of Kodiveeran too  As the film proceeds, it honestly portrays the culture, relationships, tradition, locales and other things of the rural southern Tamil Nadu.
However, the filmmaker’s strength itself turns into weakness at one point of time, as we are used to the template we had seen in his earlier movies. Moreover, the screenplay lacks updation.
But these things are ably compensated by a strong cast and the technical crew, mainly cinematographer S R Kathir. Sasikumar shines in every frame as doing such roles is a child’s play for him.
Actresses including Poorna get enough scope and they have performed well. Pasupathi is back as baddie after a break and he lives up to the expectations. N R Raghunathan’s musical score is average.
While Kodiveeran is a typical Muthiah film, we could not avoid getting that ‘things could have been better’ feel while coming out of cinema hall after watching the movie
Rating; 2.5 out of 5