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Keni Tamil Movie Review


Jayapradha is the wife of a honest government officer, who is lodged in jail due to a plot by some cunning persons. Eventually, he dies.

In a bid to fulfil the wish of her husband, Jayapradha goes to their native village. She is accompanied by Parvathy Nambiar, wife of a Muslim youth who was jailed after getting labelled as terrorist.

There, Jayapradha finds that the people are suffering without water. She also finds that a well in her house is full of water all the time and decides to give it to villagers.

But huge hurdles are posed by politicians in the form of border issue. Is Jayapradha able to do good to the people or not forms the rest of Keni.


After a long gap, Jayapradha is back in Kollywood and the veteran actress’s performance is superb. Actor-filmmaker R Parthiepan appears as village head and talks justice.

We also have Nasser, Revathi, Anu Haasan, Rekha, Sams, Black Pandi and others in the cast. Parvathy Nambiar impresses with her performance as a woman in distress.

Director M A Nishad, despite being a Malayalee, has batted for the cause of Tamil Nadu in water dispute. He has delivered the movie with conviction and succeeded in his attempt.

Technically too, the film is good. Though a preachy tone prevails all over, movies such as Keni are the need of the hour and we have no doubts that the film will go on to fetch rich awards and accolades.

Social justice

Rating: 4 out of 5

Pro: Kumaresan