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Kazhugu 2 Tamil Movie Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Kazhugu 2: Friends with feathers


Johnny (Krishna) and his friend (Kali Venkat) are thieves. They unapologetically carry out robbery for living. They come across a man who offers them a job in the hills as security guards for woodcutters.

They go to Kodaikanal as they are mistaken as hunters who have come to save the people there from some dangerous wolves.

Here, Johnny falls for Merly (Bindu Madhavi) as he strongly feels that she is madly in love with him. Then there is a MLA who wishes to seek gold that is believed to be hidden deep in the forest.

Johnny and the MLA are connected at some point of time and what follows is a story of friendship, betrayal, love and more.

Kazhugu 2 Tamil Movie Review:

Besides the title, the lead actors, the director and the hilly backdrop, there is hardly any similarity between Kazhugu 2 and its predecessor Kazhugu.

In fact, unlike the first part which was so serious in nature, the sequel is light hearted, at least till the interval. After that, things take a turn.

Krishna has performed well, while equally good is Bindu Madhavi. Kali Venkat adds value to the movie with his presence and performance. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is a highlight.

Though things are fairly engaging in the first half, as the film progresses towards the climax, it stumbles as it takes a dark tone. Some predictable twists and action scenes drag it unnecessarily. Director Sathyasiva could have focussed more on it.