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Karuppankaatu Valasu Movie Review


Neelima Rani is the daughter of Karuppangadu Valasu village president. She wants to turn her native into a smart village with CCTV cameras and toilets.
However, a few people oppose her idea. She somehow convinces them and get the approval of everyone.

To celebrate this they hold a festival during which four people are killed. Who are the dead people and why were they killed forms the rest of the story.


Director Selvendhiran has made this film in the backdrop of the village and has tried to convey a few problems including honour killing and the lifestyle of the people there.

However, he could have concentrated a little more on the Screenplay. Neelima Rani impresses the audience with her subtle acting and suits the role well.

Ebinezar Devaraj who comes as a folk artist does a neat job of the character. The remaining cast and crew also have done their part well.

Music by Aadithya -Suriya has worked out and adds more strength to the movie at several places. Shravan Saravanan’s cinematography has captured the village beautifully.

Karuppankaatu Valasu: Rural flavour

Rating: 2.5 out of 5