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Kalavu Thozhirchalai Tamil Movie Review

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Ram Sanjay (Vamsy Krishna), is a talented smuggler. Posing as  Suresh Chandran, a reporter from Malaysia, he comes to Rajarajapuram village to steal an emerald Shivalingam worth Rs 600 crore.

Though he gains access inside the temple in the guise of doing a documentary and locates the idol, he understands that the task of stealing it is not going to be easy.

Hence, he ropes in local thief Sweet Ravi (Kathir). Ravi accepts to the deal since he is in love with Vani (Kushi) and wants her to lead a comfortable life after their marriage.

In the meantime, Irfan (Kalanjiyam), an officer from the economic offences wing, is tasked with the case of the missing idols and he is behind Ram Sanjay. Who wins the cat and race game?


Though Vamsy Krishna is an anti-hero, we develop an affinity towards him, at least till the first half of Kalavu Thozhirsalai, a film which throws light on the idol smuggling racket.

The scenes which involve Sanjay and Kathir trying to steal the idol are interesting. They are well pictured and Murali Ram’s art direction needs a special mention.

All the lead actors- Vamsy Krishna, Mu Kalanjiyam, Kushi, Senthil and Renuka- have performed well. Director T Krishnashamy has put in sincere efforts to get the detailing right.

But he has wasted too much time with the romance. Had he avoided these things, Kalavu Thozhirsalai would have emerged a racy film.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5