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Kalavani 2 Movie Review

Kalavani 2: Theft & Heft

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


Arikki (Vemal) and Maheswari (Oviya) are back after nine years in rural milieu. But they are not the same people we had watched in 2010.

Besides the two lead actors, some other characters have also been retained from the prequel. And there are additions too, in the form of Mayilsamy and Vigneshkanth.

Kalavani 2 is all about the competition Arikki faces from one of his relatives in the local election. Has he emerged triumphant or not forms the crux of the movie.


Vemal does a role he has been doing for more than a decade and there is nothing new in Kalavani 2. Oviya appears in very few scenes, and this would disappoint members of ‘Oviya Army’.

While the likes of Ganja Karuppu, Mayilsamy and Vigneshkanth try to tickle the funny bone, Saranya and Ilavarasu add immense value to the film with their presence and performance.

The first half is tiring and dragging, but the post-interval session compensates to an extent. On the whole, Kalavani 2, despite entertaining us in parts, is no match to Kalavani.