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Murugesh’s (Krishna) is one among those Tamil families which got settled in Cochin years ago. He runs a provision shop there and his sister Thenmozhi is the apple of his eye.

Murugesh wants Thenmozhi to get married to a gentleman. She is in love with Anwar (Anwar), a cab driver who works for a pimp.

Meanwhile, the drunkard father (M S Baskar) of Murugesh-Thenmozhi spoils the prospects of her marriage, as he wants her enter wedlock with another man, who is the right hand guy of area bigwig Siddique (Jayaprakash).

In the meantime, Murugesh has a love story with a beautiful girl (Vidya Pradeep) and we are also told that he suffers from Agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that he can’t boldly take any decisions.

One day, Thenmozhi commits suicide and Murugesh gets the shock of his life. The rest is all about whether he is able to find the reason behind his sister’s death or not.


Director Kiran Chand seems to have got his inspiration to make Kalari from the mega serials we have been watching daily in our television screens.

For, the film is too melodramatic and almost all the characters speak loud. But he should be appreciated for picking a novel backdrop, something which has not been explored by any Tamil director so far.

Krishna has put in his best efforts, while Vidya Pradeep is beautiful. Kudos to M S Baskar for getting the body language of a drunkard exactly right.

The idea of modern day brother-sister bondage, mixing drama with thrilling elements and the climax twist is fine. But the way things have been executed makes the film interesting only in parts.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

Kalari : ‘Blood’ relation

Director: Kiran Chand