Tamil Movie Review

Kailaa Movie Review

Rating: 3 out of 5

Home alone


A writer (Thana Nayudu) wants to pen a story on ghosts after doing an intense research. She comes to know about a locked house, in which people suspect ghosts live.

It is feared that the house is haunted by the spirits of a woman and her daughter, who committed suicide there. In the meantime, two businessmen and a police officer are found dead near the house.

While neighbours believe that they were murdered by the ghosts, a police officer (Anbalaya Prabhakaran) starts investigating into their deaths to find out the truth.

The writer too commences probe in her own way to know what is happening. Is the house really haunted? What is the reason behind the deaths?


Baskar Seenuvasan, who has directed and produced the movie besides playing a negative role, succeeds in all trades. He should be lauded for handling a different subject.

Thana Nayudu has performed her role well, while Kousalya, Baby Kaila and Anbalaya Prabhakaran have added value to their respective characters.

Bharani Selvan’s cinematography has added more thrill to the proceedings, while Shravan has come up with decent music.

Baskar Seenuvasan maintains the suspense factor till the end. Though there are some limitations due to budget factor, Kailaa serves the purpose of an eerie thriller.