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Kadaram Kondan Movie Review

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Kadaram Kondan: Beyond borders


KK (Vikram) meets with an accident, but he is saved by a junior doctor called Vasu (Abi Hasan). As KK recuperates in hospital, a gang kidnaps Vasu’s pregnant wife Aathira (Akshara Haasan).

To return Aathira safely, the gang demands Vasu to move KK to a safe place. As KK is being hunted by both the police and gangsters, Vasu realises that his life and that of his wife too are in danger.

To save themselves, he now has to team up with KK. Who is KK actually? Is he a hardcore criminal? Is he a police officer? Or is he a double agent? Why everyone is hunting for him and can the young couple save themselves with the help of KK? Answers lie in Kadaram Kondan.


It looks like director Rajesh M Selva is yet to come out from the hangover of his maiden movie- Kamal Haasan starrer Thoongavanam. Both films are inspired by French movies (KK is a remake of Point Blank) and both have kidnap and blackmail angles.

Vikram wows us with his style, attitude and swag. As a macho man, he is as sharp and fast as a bullet in stunt scenes. Abi Hasan is apt for his role, while Akshara Haasan performs well in fight and emotional sequences.

While cinematography and music (Ghibran) are too good, editing keeps the movie crisp with a run-time of just 121 minutes. Another highlight is the stylish filmmaking.

With the negative points being logical loopholes and lack of flair in the narration, Kadaram Kondan still not disappoints us, thanks to Vikram, making and twists.