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Kadampari movie review

Kadampari is the story of what happens to a group of friends who embark on a tour to film a documentary inside a forest area and get caught in a haunted house.
Arul along with his friends and sister go to forest, they find refuge inside a building after it starts to rain.
After getting into the bungalow they find a girl locked inside a box and rescue her. All hell breaks loose after this. Who is that girl, what happens next, did the friends escape the bungalow forms the rest of the story.
Kadampari does not have unnecessary deviations from the main story. Director Arul who is also the hero of the film has ensured that the audience get to feel an edge of the seat thriller.
There are enough horror elements in the movie to keep the audience interested. Arul has delivered a decent performance. Kashima has done her part well.
Pooshitha who plays the young girl in the movie steals the show with her expressions. The rest of the cast have also done justice to their characters. With most of the movie revolving within a building, cinematographer VTK Udhayan has done a decent job in showing the bungalow in different angles keeping the eerieness in the movie intact. Background score by Prithvi adds more strength to the movie.