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Kadamban Tamil Movie Review

Kadamban Tamil Movie Review
Kadamban Review
Jungle book
Kadamban (Arya) is a native of Kadambavanam, a village inside a deep forest. He is the son of the village’s head (Super Subbarayan). He is brave, honest and able. So the entire village trusts him.

There is a forest ranger who helps brigands and others to swindle the natural resources. And there is top industrialist (Deepraj Rana), who wants to usurp limestone in the forest.

As locals oppose him, he sends a bunch of goons who sets fire to the village and also kills the people there. But Kadamban and few others escape.

They now start a war against the industrialist and others who want to destroy natural resources. Who emerges triumphant at the end is the crux of Kadamban.


Arya is the heart and soul of Kadamban. We must say the actor has fully transformed himself to fit the character well. Though Catherine Teresa looks alien to a tribal woman role, she fills the glamour gap and performs well too.

If Arya is the hero, the second hero of Kadamban is cinematographer S R Sathish Kumar. For, he speaks with his visuals and the way he has captured lush green locales is laudable.

Yuvan Shankar Raja shines with his background score, while his songs are average. Stunt scenes in the backdrop of forests and visual effects too are highlights of Kadamban.

Director Raghavan, who has taken up a potent knot, has succeeded in passing the message to the audience. The hard work of the director and his team is visible in almost every scene.

But for too much violence and weak portrayal of villain’s character, Kadamban is an emotional forest thriller which can be watched for its narration and intention.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5


Tamil: கடம்பன்
Director: Ragava
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cast: Arya, Catherine Tresa, Murugadas, Y. Gee. Mahendra, Super Subbarayan
Pro: Mounam Ravi