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Kabilavasthu Movie Review


A woman (Meera Krishnan) who gets pregnant through illegal way, delivers a baby boy in a public toilet and leaves it there. The boy is brought up by a conservancy worker and he grows on (Nesam Murali) to become the caretaker of the lavatory.

A young woman (Nandini) lives on a pavement near the public utiilty along with her family and her dream is to save money and rent a house. She becomes friend of Murali.

When she faces a trouble, Murali helps her out. However, Murali gets into a tussle and goes to jail. When he comes out, he is shocked to know that Nandini and her family are missing from the pavement.

The rest of Kabilavasthu is all about whether Murali is able to find out Nandini and join hands with her.


Nesam Murali, who has directed the film besides playing the lead role, has highlighted the problems of pavement dwellers in a hard hitting manner.

He passes out in first class in acting, while Nandini emotes well. Meera Krishna and Baby Aishwarya have done their respective roles in a neat manner.

Cinematography by Viji is natural, while Srikanth Deva’s music has added strength to the movie. The movie deals on a relevant issue and Murali and his team deserve appreciation for this.

Had Murali focussed more on technical aspects and toned down the loud performances, Kabilavasthu would have been far more good show.

Kabilavasthu – Pavement pains

PRO: Nikhil Murugan

Rating: 2.5 out of 5