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Kaatu Paya Sir Intha Kaali Tamil Movie Review

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A mysterious person has been setting vehicles belonging to employees of a financier on fire. The issue goes to the police and Kaali (Jaivanth), an inspector prone to violence, is entrusted with the task to track down the culprit.

And the reason given by commissioner (Naren) for choosing Kaali for the task is, you have to believe this – “Oru psycho va pudikka oru sadist dhaan seriya varuvaan”.

Even as Kaali starts his hunt for the ‘pyscho’, he also has to give refuge to Amudha Paul (Iraa), a young woman who claims to be an aspiring actress in film industry.

The rest is all about whether Kaali is able to catch the culprit or not, who is that culprit and what is his/her intentions behind setting vehicles on fire.


As the film starts, director Youreka appears and explains us the idea behind the movie. He says Tamils are being taken for a ride by those from the north and adds Tamil people are not being given the respect they deserve.

This makes us come to a conclusion that this is a message oriented movie. However, from then on, the screenplay wanders here and there and the film hardly has anything new to offer.

Performance wise, Jaivanth and Naren have given their best, while rest of the members of the cast are adequate. The perfunctory filmmaking doesn’t come to the help of the flick.

To sum it up, the movie tries to preach Xenophobia, but even fails in that account. We have no other option than to wish the director and other members of the team of Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali better luck next time.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Director: Youreka

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