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Kaali Tamil Movie Review


Dr Bharath (Vijay Antony) is a successful cardiothoracic surgeon in the United States. He is haunted by a nightmare and when he tries to find answer to it, he gets the shock of his life.

Bharath realises that he is an adopted child. Hence, he decides to go back to India in search of his roots. In India, he learns that he hails from a village and his name is Kaali.

He also comes to know that his mother’s name is Parvathi. But he is unable to find who his father is. He now starts a mission to solve the puzzle.

He is being helped by Gopi (Yogi Babu), a resident of the village. In his journey, Bharath is in for various twists and turns, including shocks. The rest is all about whether he is able to accomplish the mission or not.


Music composer-turned-actor Vijay Antony, who delivered super hits in both trades, is now in need of a break in the box-office, following the dismal show of his last venture Annadurai.

In Kaali directed by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, he plays four roles and tries to show difference between them, mainly in looks. Performance wise too, he has improved when compared to his earlier ventures.

Kiruthiga has taken in her hands a dated story and has tried to give a fresh treatment to it. She has succeeded in parts. Madhusudhanan, Vela Ramamoorthy, R K Suresh and Jayaprakash have done enough justice to their respective roles.

While Sunaina is solid as Poomaiyulu, others in the cast are adequate. Cinematography by Richard M Nathan shows different shades as per the moods of the scenes, while Vijay Antony has scored big as music composer.

On the whole, the first half of Kaali is impressive and interesting. But things fail to impress us much in the second half. It is a mixed ride of positive and negative things.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Kaali – Who am I

Direction: Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi
Produced by: Fatima Vijay Antony
Music: Vijay Antony