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Kaalakkoothu Tamil Movie Review


Easwaran (Prasanna) and Hari (Kalaiyarasan) are close friends since childhood. Their bond get closer after they lose their parents. Hari’s world now revolves around his sister and Easwaran.

Meanwhile, Hari is in love with Gayathri (Sai Dhanshika), a college student, while Revathi (Srushti Dange), another girl in the locality, tries to woo Easwaran.

Hari comes to know about this and convinces Easwaran to accept Revathi’s love. When everything goes smooth in their lives, a tragedy strikes again.

Son of a powerful politician misbehaves with Hari’s sister and this incident changes the life of the protagonists forever. What follows next ends in a bloody climax.


Kaalakkoothu, directed by M Nagarajan, is yet another Madurai movie which revolves around friendship, love and violence. However, the director has attempted to portray friendship and love in a realistic manner.

In our mundane routine, there is some magic that happens and that is what Nagarajan has tried to capture in this film. Though he succeeds to an extent, predictable scenes take the sheen away from Kaalakkoothu.

All the four lead actors have attempted their best, with Prasanna and Sai Dhanshika slightly scoring more than the other two. Kalaiyarasan is known for his friend roles and he has done justice. Srushti looks beautiful.

Justin Prabhakaran’s songs come with nativity, while the cinematography of P V Shankar has captured Madurai locales well.

Madurai is a beautiful place and there are nice stories to be told in the temple town’s backdrop. But it seems Kollywood has already explored enough on this genre and it is time to try something different.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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