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July Kaatril Movie Review

Breezy affair


Rajeev (Ananth Nag) is a self-centric, workaholic youngster who is in relationship with Shreya (Anuju Kurian). Shreya is in madly love with him and tries to adapt to his self-oriented demands.

Rajeev meets Revathi (Samyuktha Menon), an independent girl and falls for her by rejecting Shreya. But Revathi finds it difficult to accomodate Rajeev in her life as she needs her own space.

As a result, the relationship breaks up and Rajeev goes to Goa, in a bid to take a break from his routine life and to forget his past. There, he comes across another woman, who is a freelancer.

Through her, Rajeev learns some valuable lessons- that life is not about being selfish alone and everyone in this world needs his/her own space. He becomes a better person and the rest is about with whom he joined hands in life.


July Kaatril, directed by Sundaram, is a breezy love story as the title suggests and the filmmaker narrates the story as chapters, that too from the points of view of its lead actors.

As a result, we get to understand the problems that everyone faces from their own angle. Ananth Nag fits well to his role, but he still can perform well. All the three female leads are excellent in their performance. Sathish is there to add some value.

Production values of the film are rich, especially music by Joshua Sridhar and cinematography by Daniel Xavier Edwards. Anucharan has excelled in editing by handling such a complex narration in a cool manner.

Despite length being a problem, July Kaatril doesn’t test our patience much and explores the issues of today’s urban youngsters in an interesting manner and without crossing any limits.

Rating: 3 out of 5