Tamil Movie Review

Johnny Tamil Movie Review


Shakthi (Prashanth), Jai (Prabhu), Prakash (Anandraj), Ram (Ashutosh Rana) and Siva (Aathma) are partners in a popular club in the city. They are also involved in some underhand deals.

Shakthi is in love with Ramya (Sanchita) and the couple dream of settling down in Canada without informing anyone. And for this, Shakthi is in need of huge money.

Siva gets a scintillating deal from his friend and police officer Kalyan (Sayaji Shinde). To strike it, he collects huge money from his other partners and goes to meet Kalyan.

But to the shock of everyone, Siva gets killed on his way. Soon, the other partners too get murdered one after one. Now it is Johnny’s turn to settle scores. The rest of the story also tells us whether he is able to make his dream a reality.


Prashanth, who badly needs a break, has obviously relied heavily on Johnny, a remake of Hindi hit Johnny Gaddaar. The film directed by debutant Vetriselvan is a thriler and is gripping in parts.

Prashanth appears with a tight physique and performs well wherever his presence is required. Sanchita is apt find for her role, while Prabhu, Anandaraj and Sayaji Shinde do enough justice to their respective characters.

While Ranjan Durairaj’s music adds pace at places, M V Panneerselvam’s cinematography is one of the assets. Shiva Saravanan’s editing is another plus.

Though the movie has its own moments, it doesn’t engage the audience fully into it, due to its predictability. The screenplay could have been better and the logical loopholes could have been filled.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Johnny : Village Vintage

Director: Pa.Vetriselvan

Producer: Thiagarajan

Music Director: Ranjan Durairaj

Cast: Prashanth ,Prabhu, Sanchita Shetty, Aathma