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Jithan 2 Tamil Movie Review

Spare this scare

Jithan 2 Tamil Movie Review


Suriya (Jithan Ramesh), who hails from a poor family, becomes assistant manager in a company. He is an introvert. The sole aim of his father was to build an own house.

In a bid to fulfil his dad’s dream, Suriya buys a big house worth Rs two crore for just Rs 50 lakh. As he moves in, he starts experiencing paranormal activities.

As a result, Suriya is unable to enjoy the happiness of owning a house. What is the reason behind the trouble, what he does to come out of it and whether he is able to do so or not forms the crux of Jithan 2.


Ramesh got the sobriquet ‘Jithan’ thanks to his earlier film of the same name. A sequel to it, Jithan 2 is far from the first part in terms of content, quality and execution.

Vincent Selva, who directed the original, has penned the script for Jithan 2, while his former assisant Rahul Paramahamsa has wielded the megaphone.

Ramesh has to improve his performance. More than that, he has to develop the skill to pick the right scripts. Srikanth Deva’s music is very average, while other technical departments too remain the same.

Jithan 2 starts on a promising note and ends up in a disappointing way. Better luck next time to the whole team.

Verdict: Below Average

Director: Rahul
Music: Srikanth Deva
Cast: Jithan Ramesh, Srushti Dange, Karunas, Yogi Babu, Mayilsamy, Robo Shankar, George, Sona
Pro: Suresh Chandra