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Jil Jung Juk Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Jil Jung Juk Tamil Movie Review

It’s cool

Jil Jung Juk Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision


2020 AD. Deiva Nayagam (Amarendran), a former gangster, wants to smuggle his cocaine. With the help of a scientist Marunthu (Balaji Perumal), the stuff is converted into a chemical, and is painted on a vintage car.

Deiva Nayagam now ropes in a trio- Nan’jil’ Sivaji (Siddharth), ‘Jung’ulingam (Avinash Ragudevan) and ‘Jag’uar Jagan (Sanath) to deliver the car to a gang in Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, Marunthu and Pai (Bipin), sidekick of Devia Nayagam, plan to cheat the ex-gangster and pick Narasimhan (Naga) to steal the car and sell it to another smuggler Attack Albert (Sai Dheena).

In the meantime, there is Rolex Rowther (Radha Ravi), who too is a gangster, and is waiting to take revenge against his friend-turned-foe Deiva Nayagam.


Known for experiments, Siddharth is at it again, this time as producer too. Jil Jung Juk, directed by Dheeraj Vaidy, is a fresh dark comedy in Kollywood. If you are the one who really wants things to change for good in Tamil cinema, you will not find a reason to unlike Jil Jung Juk.

There are gags all over to keep us entertained. In short, the team has ensured to keep things as quirky and as funny as possible. Siddharth delivers a matured performance and has given his best.

Amarendra, Avinash Ragudevan, Sanath, Bipin, Naga, Sai Dheena, and the veteran Radharavi have provided immense value to the film with their cool performances.

Shreyaas Krishna’s sleek visuals and Vishal Chandrasekar’s music are big assets to Jil Jung Juk. On the flipside, certain gags are oft-repeated, but they are no spoilers. To sum it up in Vadivelu style, the movie is more Jil and Jung, and less Juk.

Verdict: Good

Director: Deeraj Vaidy
Music: Vishal Chandrashekhar
Cast: Siddharth, Avinash Raghudevan, Sananth Reddy, R Amarendran, Nassar, Radharavi, RJ Balaji
Pro: Suresh Chandra