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Jiivi Movie Review

: Mind matters

Rating: 3.75 out of 5


Saravanan (Vetri) believes in practical knowledge than studies. Hence, he drops out of school. Under constant pressure from his parents, he comes to Chennai and does odd jobs to make ends meet.

He shares a room with Mani (Karunakaran) in a house owned by a woman (Rohini), whose husband is invalid and daughter is visually challenged. Saravanan is a voracious reader and gains immense knowledge by reading books, watching infotainment TV channels and YouTube.

He has a girlfriend and she rejects him because of his financial condition. Saravanan, along with Mani, hatches a plan to loot 50 sovereigns of gold from their landlady.

As Saravanan successfully pulls it off the mission, he comes to know that his father has passed away due to sudden cardiac arrest and his sister has eloped with someone.

Soon, he also realises that all these things are interconnected. Is everything a coincidence or is there something mysterious behind?


Vetri, who made his debut with the critically acclaimed 8 Thottakkal, has improved a lot in Jiivi, which is one of the best thrillers of this year.

Directed by V J Gopinath with great writing by Babu Tamizh, Jiivi is a novel movie which introduces the concept of synchronicity and explains in detail and in interesting manner.

Karunakaran gets a meaty role and he performs it with ease. Rohini, Mime Gopi and Rama have done justice to their respective roles.

Music director K S Sundara Murthy and cinematographer Praveen Kumar have done commendable work in adding more flavour to the thriller. Another big highlight is editing by Praveen K L.

Despite it being a complex subject, director Gopinath has presented Jiivi in a simple way without any confusions. It gives respect to the intelligence of the audience who will not regret watching it.